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My work is designed to create shadows and shadow dances by the effect of light and air upon my sculptures.  These dances are evocative of the various facets of personality and our path in life as one aspect of our self recedes while

another part emerges.

~Allison Knapp Wollam


Osprey Corrected.jpg


 Braze Welded Steel, Bronze

5' W  7' H  450 lbs.

Osprey is owned by the Delancey Street Foundation, San Francisco, CA, and is placed in their interior courtyard. 

Tribal Piece

Braze Welded Steel
4'  W  7'  H  5' D  40 lbs.

Tribal Piece is in a private collection in Brisbane, Australia after being exhibited at the Brisbane, Australia EXPO Competition celebrating
the city's anniversary.

Queen and King

Braze Welded Steel
7'  W  18'  H  50 lbs. 

Queen and King Overall.JPG
Queen and King Close UP1.JPG


Braze Welded Steel
10'  W  18’  H  5'  D  60 lbs.

Spider Sculpture; brazed steel


The Memories of People and Places Series is about abstracted memories, impressions, and love for places I have traveled and those that I have known. The works are layer upon layer of texture formed by braze-welding and for me, evoke the essence of a place and a being.


I work and rework the layering of brass in my pieces to evoke a sense of antiquity, a primal connection to the ages and the present: The uneven footing and tilting of a Church-yard gate and its intensity to persevere over the centuries; the intensity of love and determination. The uneven surface and the refraction of light are important elements in this series.

David's Broken Hallelujah

Braze Welded Steel, Bronze

11" W  26" H  12" D  15 lbs.

DBH Overall.jpg

13th Century Building

Puglia, Italy

Braze Welded Steel

 5" W  26" H  4" D  5 lbs.

Puglia Italy13 Century  Building Overall

Dragon Flag Sienna, Italy

Braze Welded Steel

9" W  24" H  2" D  3 lbs.

Sienna Italy Dragon Flag Overall 2.JPG