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"I enjoy making furniture with a story, combining materials and textures, light and shadow; evocative of nature"

~AllisonKnapp Wollam


Furniture Anchor


Coyote Table

Brazed Steel, Redwood,

Incandescent Light

3' W  5' H  2.5' D  50lbs.

The redwood represents a coyote sitting along a stream howling in the breeze.  The light tips ever so slightly,
representing the breeze.


Angle Shelves

Braze Welded Steel

29" W  68” H  14” D      100 lbs.


The work is about angles,
shadows, strength, and display.

Angle Shelves to SD.jpg

Triangle Table

Walnut, Brazed and Painted Steel.  16” W  20" H  13” D  15 lbs. 

Walnut, Steel and Brass Table -Triangle

Grasshopper Table

Walnut, Braze Welded Steel 

5’ W  15" H  20” D  15 lbs. 


Conference Tables

Braze Welded Steel,  Maple

36" W  120" L  30" H.   

100 lbs. each

This work was commissioned by Baker Place Housing Services
in San Francisco, CA.  

Conference Room Table Detail.png