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I define my work as abstracted expressionism, taking the essence of my feelings and impressions of a place, person, or situation and creating shape, color, contrast, texture, movement, shadow, antiquity, and depth as the expression of my feelings and thoughts.


My work is designed to create shadows and shadow dances by the effect of light and air upon my sculptures. These dances are evocative of the various facets of personality, and our path in life as one aspect of our self recedes while another part emerges.


I use contrasting materials with similar tonalities, such as steel shards and steel toned silk within a fiber sculpture to demonstrate the duality of human nature and the commonality of the planet and the beings living therein.

I create braze welded metal sculptures.  Braze welding is a form of welding using brass to join the steel.  Sculptures range from a few ounces to four hundred pounds and range in height from five inches to twenty feet.  I create tapestry and fiber sculpture ranging in size from a few inches to forty feet.  Fiber works are typically silk, linen, wool and painted, stretched, and tied warp to create form and additional dimension. Hybrid fibers also include weft made from pineapple and metals. 

~ Allison Knapp Wollam




Backroom Gallery ,  San Francisco, CA

Norris Gallery, Capitola, CA

Dreaming Iolanthe Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Hanson Howard Gallery, Ashland, Oregon

Margaret Jenkins Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Earharts Gallery, Sacramento, CA



Crocker Museum , Sacramento, CA

Louise Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Arbitare, San Francisco, CA.

EXPO 1988, Brisbane, Australia

Touchstone, San Francisco, CA

Source Gallery, San Francisco, CA

American River College, Sacramento CA

Michaela Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Julie Baker Fine Art, Grass Valley, CA

Gallery One Two Five, Nevada City CA


Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Artex, San Francisco, CA

Harleen and Allen, San Francisco, CA

Fiberworks, Berkeley, CA

Palo Alto Art Representatives, Palo Alto, CA

International Sculpture Source, Washington, DC


EXPO 1988, Brisbane, Australia

Arachne Gallery, Portland, Oregon

McGeorge Law, Sacramento, CA. Gallery

One Two Five Nevada City CA.

Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA

Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco CA and New York


Conference Tables, Baker Place Housing Services, San Francisco, CA






Graduate Studies, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Arts, San Francisco State University, CA

Weaving Apprenticeships: San Francisco Fiber, San Francisco CA and Payton, Portland, Oregon

Welding Apprenticeship: Wm. P. Wagner, Sacramento, CA

International Sculpture Conference

San Francisco Fiber (Tapestry)
Payton Workshop (Floor Loom)

Graphic Hobby House (Serigraphy)

Earharts Gallery (Printmaking)


Welding and Sculpture Private Instruction, San Francisco, CA

R. Wahl (Welding), Sacramento, CA

Arnold Home for Children (Sculpture), Folsom, CA

Castle Gallery (Sculpture), San Francisco, CA

Rock Creek School, Auburn, CA

Raphael House (Weaving), San Francisco, CA


Coffee Man (Curator and Publicity), Portland, OR

Earharts (Curator), Sacramento, CA

Gandy Dancer Cafe (Curator), Sacramento, CA

Dreaming Iolanthe (Curator) Sacramento, CA


"Arts in Controversy:Benefits, Legislation and a Case Study", published in Urban Action, San Francisco, CA

"Local Women Artists"

"The Harmony Arts Center", published in Suttertown News, Sacramento, CA

Art Columnist in Rapline, Sacramento, CA


International Sculpture Center, Washingto, DC

American Craft Council, New York, NY

Fiberworks, Berleley, CA

Handweavers Guild of America, W.Hartford, CT

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