"I define my work as abstracted expressionism taking the essence of my feelings and impressions of a place, person or situation and creating shape, color, contrast, texture, movement, shadow, antiquity, and depth as the expression of my


~AllisonKnapp Wollam


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice and Aerial View

are about the earth.

Fire and Ice evokes glaciers and volcanoes while Aerial View is the Earth’s texture viewed from a plane when I was traveling to Italy.

These two works along with Osprey and Oak Tree, works in Metal, speak to the beauty of Earth and all she holds; and the hope that we may

become better stewards.


Wool, Silk, Linen, Cotton

 18” W 21”L

Aerial View

Cotton, Silk, Linen, Wool

25”W 39”L

The Face that Will Not Speak

Linen, Silk, Rayon, Wool

 16” W 26 L  

A call for people to stand up and let their voices be heard to heal and nurture our planet and the relationships, therein.

Winter Sky

Silk, Linen, Wool, Rayon, Metal

 13”W 19”L


Wool, Linen, Silk, Cotton

28"W   78”L



Wool and Cotton 

five panels:

15" W 36" to 84" L 

Winter Landscape  

Silk, Linen, Cotton, Wool 12”W 24” L


Linen, Silk  

Four works

1.5-2.5” W

 3.5” to 17” L 

12”W 24” L



Ocean Beach

Linen, Cotton, Silk

painted and stretched warp

12" W 16" L

Texture and Layering

Very Tangled in


Linen, Wool, Silk 

9”W 15-25” L

“ Sorry, Zimmerman

   it is true

   I am very

   Tangled in Blue”





Brazed Steel, Wool, Raffia, Linen, Cotton 

18” W 40”H

The Queen  

Steel, Brass, Peacock Feathers, Linen, Silk, Acrylic, Pineapple Fiber

7" W  12" H 

The work, accompanied by The King began as parallel in fiber to Louise Nevelson's Dawn's Wedding" series, with an Italian Tower whimsical twist. The work is kinetic in movement, responding to environmental air currents, as well as light and shadow.

The King 

Branches, Steel, Metallic Fiber, Acrylic

6" W  16" H

The King  is the mate in power to The Queen. 

Butoh Bride

Silk, Linen, Moss 

6” W  8”H  14" Train

Butoh, a Japanese dance form, derives its meaning from "not thinking - only soul". The dance form emotes with costume, mask, music, and very little movement, evoking deep visceral responses in its viewers. This work has a fourteen-inch "train",  reminiscent of a wedding gown. The work is very feminine in nature, with exaggerated tapestry slits representative of the female form. She stands erect and mask-like in her stature with softness. 

Pod Pieces

Wool, Silk, Linen, Raveling Silk Saris, Pineapple Fiber, Steel Shavings, Plumules from Peacock Feathers, and Flora from Nature 

4"-5" W  4"-8" H  3"-4" D

In the Pod Piece Series woven fiber sculpture, I am abstracting nature’s objects into a protecting but open nest. Materials include wool, silk, linen, raveling silk Sari’s, pineapple fiber, steel shavings, plumule’s from peacock feathers, and

flora from nature.

Private collections/Artist's collection


SeaForm Grouping

Sea Forms Woven Fiber Sculpture

are about texture, color, saturation, shadow and movement, and the feeling of tide pools and sea creatures.



Linen, Steel, Pineapple Fiber

7”W 5”H 9”D



Linen, Steel, Rayon

5”W 3.5”H 4”L

Fire & Rain SeaForm

Linen, Silk, Cotton, Wool

4.5” W 10”L 2.5” H


Whiskered SeaForm

Linen, Silk, Cotton, Wool

3”W 8” H 1.5”D


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